AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer Assembly & Operating Instructions

AR Blue Clean Assembly Instructions:

  1. Make sure machine is turned off by placing the starter switch in the Off or O position.
  2. Connect the threaded end of the high pressure hose to the unit. This will be on the front or back of the machine.
  3. Connect the silver metal end of the high pressure hose to the spray gun. You will hear it click into place. Make sure the spray gun is in the locked position. Later on, when you are ready to start cleaning, this will be released.
  4. Insert the nozzle into the spray gun by pushing together and turning clockwise. To remove later, turn it counter clockwise.
  5. To connect the garden hose to the machine, thread the blue and black adapter to the end of your garden hose.
  6. Now thread the clear filter adapter to the machine.
  7. If dirt is visible in the filter, remove and back flush to clean. If your unit didn’t come with a two piece filter adapter, and it came with an adapter like this, that threads onto the machine at the pump inlet, and then the hose is threaded directly on.
  8. Note the pump and hose marking, so you put it on correctly. AR Blue Clean Operating Instructions Unwind the power cord completely, and plug the GFCI into a grounded 120 Volt outlet.
  9. Press the reset button on the GFCI plug. This will have to be done each and every time it is plugged in.
  10. Attach the garden hose to the machine. This will be on the front or back of the unit. Make sure the high pressure hose it attached to the machine and the spray gun, and now turn on the water supply at the faucet.
  11. Release the safety lock on the spray gun, and while pointing it in a safe direction, squeeze the trigger gun until there is a steady stream of water, letting the water and air out of the hose.
  12. Turn the starter switch to the On or Off position.
  13. The motor and pump should now be ready to run, and provide a high pressure spray.
  14. Pull the trigger on the spray gun to activate the total stop system, turning the machine on, and now you can start cleaning.
  15. Releasing the spray gun automatically turns the unit off.
  16. Select desired spray pattern by twisting the nozzle, going from a 45 degree fan spray for delicate items all the way to a 0 degree straight laser spray for a more intense spray, or for reaching up high. Always test first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you don’t damage the surface.
  17. For detergent application, fill the soap bottle with the desired cleaner, and attach to the trigger gun after removing the wand assembly. Always test detergent first to make sure it is compatible with the surface being cleaned.
  18. Pull the trigger, and start the detergent spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Reverse the processes to shut down, and remember to keep the unit from freezing during the offseason. Before you start cleaning, refer to the manual for detailed instructions and safety precautions, as models may vary.

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